May 24th 2013.

Teikom has curently on stock two Dieci machines, Dieci telehendler Agri Plus 40.7 H PS and Dieci telehendler Agri star 37.7.

Agri Plus 40.7 H PS
Agri Star 37.7
Engine: Iveco engine, power 93 kW/127 ks Iveco engine, power 74 kW/101 ks
Hydraulics: Pump flow 140 ltr/min Pump flow 140 ltr/min
Transmission: Powershift, max. speed 40 km/h Hydrostatic, max. speed 30 km/h
Additional equipement: Air conditioning, fast latch with two cilinders, palet forks, shovel for easy materials 2,5 m³ Air conditioning, fast latch with two cilinders, palet forks, shovel for easy materials 2,5 m³
Tyres: 405/70x24” 405/70x24”

Also curently on stock we have the following Bridgestone tyres:

23.5R25 VLT MS
26.5R25 VLT MS
12.00R24 VSMS L5S

For all additional informations you can contact our sales department.

March 12th 2012.

With great pleasure we can inform you that from this year Teikom d.o.o. has in the offer the first hybrid hydraulic excavator in the world, developed completely by Komatsu. With help from reliable and durable hybrid components the new hydraulic excavator HB215LC-1 can provide you with excellent work performanses with reduction in fuel comsuption and CO2 emission. Komatsu HB215LC-1 is probably the most reliable and technologicaly advanced hydraulic excavator in the world today. The future of construction industry begins with Komatsu!

September 29th 2011.

KOMATSU excavator sets a new record! You can read more about it here...

May 9th 2011.

TEIKOM company invites you to join us on the 78th International agricultural fair In Novi Sad from May 14th to May 21st. You can find us in the open exhibition space in front of the Hall 16. Wellcome!

April 19th 2011.

You can look at our pictures from the 37th International building trade fair in Belgrade in our gallery.

March 14th 2011.

TEIKOM company would like to express their condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku (Northeastern Part of Japan) Earthquake Disaster, and truly hope that the area devastated by the earthquake disaster will be reconstructed as soon as possible. TEIKOM company will try to help people of Japan and contribute to their fast recovery with it's financial donation.

February 17th 2011.

Public water utility company "Beogradvode" has aquiered a new Berky Motrac 3810 landmower machine with three piece crane. Pictures can be seen here...

December 23rd 2010.

Rudarsko Topioničarski Basen Bor, aquiered a new KOMATSU buldozer. You can see pictures of the machine here.

December 22nd 2010.

In Majdanpek new BUCYRUS drill was assembeled and put in motion.You can see pictures of the machine here.

18th October 2010.

In October 2010, another KOMATSU hydraulic excavator, one of the largest in it's class, has been succesfuly deployed in RB Majdanpek. First images of this machine can be seen here.

5th October 2010.

KOMATSU hydraulic excavator, PC 1250PS has been succesfuly deployed in EFT Stanari mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pictures of this machine in work can be seen here.

28th Jun 2010.

First DIECI machines are put in motion...

23rd Jun 2010.

In RTB BOR a large KOMATSU hydraulic excavator was put into operation. You can see pictures in gallery...

21th Jun 2010

In 2010, as we did in previous years, TEIKOM d.o.o. has participated in the following fairs:

  • International Building Trade Fair (UFI - SEEBBE) which took place at Belgrade Fair from 13th to 17th April.

  • 77th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, from 15th to 22nd May.

  • Civil Engineering Fair, Budva, 23rd to 27th September.

  • TEIKOM has also taken part in BAUMA, 29th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment, at exhibition space of our suppliers, such as KOMATSU, BRIDGESTONE, DIECI, GHH and BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL.

     TEIKOM has exhibiedt, as usually, construction equipment from KOMATSU and DIECI programs, as well as attachments, tools and parts.
Our representatives at Fairs were glad to give you information regarding specifications, replacement parts, service and maintenance, as well as on prices and terms of payment.


06th Jun 2010.

     A large KOMATSU hydraulic excavator, was delivered on June 6th to open pit mine "Veliki Krivelj". This powerful machine with 22 m3 bucket, which may load up to 50 tons of material at once, shall be assembled in 10 days. Specialists from Krivelj shall assemble it, assisted by German service mechanics.

     Just to note that a hydraulic excavator is a part of strategic plan of RTB Bor which was contracted at the end of last year, with guarantees provided by the Serbian Government. One KOMATSU bulldozer arrived to both Krivelj and Majdanpek Mine in the beginning of 2010. And now, one from the largest class of hydraulic excavators has been delivered.

     "This hydraulic excavator is the state of the art technology with huge capacity" - Vidoje Adamović, Mine Manager was pleased to explain to us, while last trucks loaded with parts were arriving to the assembly site. "Its annual capacity amounts to 14 million tons of material, which is three times bigger than the capacity of our 35 years old equipment. This new hydraulic excavator is very significant, especially this year, both for Veliki Krivelj Mine and for the whole Copper Mining and Smelting Complex Bor. It has a very important role which is to load large quantities of overburden to enable us to open reserves in the third and fourth web of this mine and provide for continuous operation in years to come
     Mr. Adamović added that monthly production in this Mine amounts to 700,000 tons of ore with average copper recovery of 0.28 per cent, which means 1,400 tons of copper in concentrate. In view of the fact that a Komatsu grader is expected in a month, and Bucyres drilling rig in autumn, the Manager announces that from September, quantity of overburden will increase to two million tons per month, since 16 million tons of dirt shall be removed from this open pit each year.

Author : Ljubiša Aleksić, Taken from:

21th May 2010

You can see pictures from 77th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in our gallery...

14th May 2010

Visit us on 77th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

18th April 2010

TEIKOM has participated in 36th International Construction Fair in Belgrade. You can see pictures of our exibition in gallery here...

19th February 2010

TEIKOM d.o.o. has expanded it's distributorship to the territory of Albania.

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